Before the start of the XIV Championship and the World Cup, the International Congress of the World Karate Confederation took place. The new leadership of the World Karate Confederation (WKC) was elected by a qualified number of votes. Viacheslav Timofeev (Russia) was elected President of the WKC, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the WKC,

The following were elected as WKC Vice-Presidents, members of the WKC Executive Committee:

Andrei Vilkin (Belarus)

Clarence Myshonga Tatenda (Zimbabwe)

Rethinam Swakky (India)

Farkhad Zhalmurzin (Kazakhstan)

Vladislav Fetkulin (Latvia)

Sergey Shapran (Ukraine)

Wakayama Masashi (Japan)

In order to recognize the merits and perpetuate the memory of the Founding President of the World Karate Confederation, Dr. Fritz Wendland (Germany), the decision of the WKC Executive Committee approved: a new full official name — the World Karate Confederation, founded by Fritz Wendland (WKC) and a new official emblem of the organization.

At the WKC International Congress, the Schedule of official international events for 2023-2025 has been established:

2023 — Open Championship and Asian Cup WKC (Kazakhstan)

2023 — Open Championship and European Cup WKC (Turkey)

2024 — XV WKC World Championship and Cup (India)

2025 — WKC Open Championship and Cup of Asia (Tajikistan)

2025 — WKC Open Championship and African Cup (Zimbabwe)